Monthly Archives: July 2013


 The latest book to be published and is now available: "Salisby Dalisby's Vast Cavern Worlds".

The Source of the new "Times Before The Galaxies" stories have come from Salisby Dalisby's family journal.    All of the Salisby Dalisby books support and promote good family relationships, all the books have easy to understand new concepts with many different stories.   Each book will give each reader a real taste of the Big Universe.  For any and all science fiction readers that are looking for a good read they have come to the right place.

Some good sources for these books are found at the following websites and book stores; Barns and Noble, The Book Depository,

On any of the websites or book stores that sell Science Fiction Books type in "Dalisby" in the search box and you will bring up the books.