News & Updates

News & Updates

All of the Salisby Dalisay Journal Books that are now available either in E-Book format on I-Books or as Print on Demand soft cover, as follows: “SALISBY DALISBY IN ALIEN ENCOUNTERS AND ALIEN WORLDS”, Forth Edition, and “SALISBY DALISBY IN ALIEN WORLD 59.5 YEARS WITH THE GREY MASTERS” Second Edition, “SALISBY DALISBY & BROTHERS @ TEMPLOKATIS PRISON,” “SALISBY DALISBY’S GOLDEN WORLDS” AND “SALISBY DALISBY’S VAST CAVERN WORLDS”.  The books are available at most books stores like Barns and, Book, and many other online book stores.  To bring up the “Times Before The Galaxies Books” type into any of your favorite book search browsers “DALISBY books” and all of the available books will pull up.  All of the above book titles are from the Dalisby Family Journal, and are listed as Non Fiction books. The opportunity to read the five books from the Dalisby Family Journal is a very Unique one.

All the Readers will have the first opportunity to read about the family history of a different species of lighted Sanctiant brother’s and sister’s. All of them that had been abused by many different trespassers that had invaded Salisby’s custom made homes. One beautiful giant custom former lighted home in particular that had been built within the past seven millenniums.

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